Creative Ways to Earn Income After High School

Even the most confident of high school graduates wonders how they’re going to make a living.

Some may have a very clear passion that they’ve been determined to follow for a long time. Others may have many passions, and feel unsure of what to do with them, or which one to choose. Still others may feel disconnected from their passions or not sure of what they’re best suited to do after high school. 

What few high school students and graduates realize is that you don’t have to have it all figured out right now. It’s really ok to take some time, explore, experiment, create, and see what draws you in.

There are many types of jobs that young adults, with a little training, can step right into and make a respectable income, but few realize what they are or what training is needed for them.

With more companies conducting business online, and more people working from home, there are even greater opportunities to be your own boss and create your own business that both sustains you and brings you joy. 

There’s a need for skilled online practitioners who can help with tech, marketing, business management and more.

Markao’s goal is to have students earning income in areas that are both in demand and fun for them. This might be their first entrepreneurial venture that gets them started, and from there, they can expand into their imagination and possibilities.

Based on roughly 20 billable hours of work weekly for 48 weeks per year (i.e. half time!), the list below shares just a few needed career paths that students can earn income with upon completion of the Markao Business Academy training. The annual salaries (based on only 20 hours per week) are conservative estimates, and will grow by multiples as you gain experience, credibility, and more clients. And, you’ll have the skills to share combinations of these offers to create full time income if you choose. 

  • Online tutor ($24,000+ per year) – $25/hour
  • Graphic design ($28,800+ per year) – $30/hour
  • Simple website design and/or development ($33,600+ per year) – $35/hour 
  • Social media manager ($28,800+ per year) – $30/hour
  • Virtual assistant ($28,800+ per year) – $30/hour
  • Online business manager ($33,600+ per year) – $35/hour
  • Tech hand-holding ($24,000+ per year) – $25/hour
  • Accountability coach ($28,800+ per year) – $30/hour
  • Social media influencer (depends on work ethic and talent)
  • Online course creator (depends on work ethic and talent)
  • Larger scale Entrepreneur (depends on work ethic and talent)

It’s important to note that we, nor anyone else, can guarantee an income. Self-employment comes with many benefits including flexibility and more meaningful work, as we’ve experienced, and also the risk of not having enough clients. 

What Markao does promise to students committed to learning are the tools, knowledge and encouragement needed to launch a business and be self-employed with income that you can grow.

Markao students are trained on how to tap into their unique gifts and strengths, build a business foundation, market authentically, and creatively generate income. Additionally, we as a community do our best to support students in finding clients in need of what they have to offer. 

Effective self-employment is a creative way to earn income after high school while allowing you to express your creativity and personality. 

With your creativity, unique gifts and focused commitment, the possibilities are endless!

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