Markao Curriculum

Courses You’ll Take

We’ll be focusing much of the learning and course work on project-based learning that will fit into the various topics that we’ll be covering.  

Some coursework will be more formal, such as pre-recorded courses that are already structured.  Some coursework will flow with the projects and weave throughout the school year.  

Here’s a sample of the topics that we’ll be offering, along with structured courses we currently plan to include with them:

Foundations of Entrepreneurship

In this topic, we’ll be diving into what entrepreneurship is all about. We’ll look at new paths to self-employment that are most relevant to today’s world. We’ll explore the Markao guiding principles of Mission, Authenticity, Relevance, Kaizen, Appreciation and Opportunity, which will continue to weave throughout the school year. You’ll learn about effective time management, entrepreneurial mindset and what having an authentic business is all about. 

Structured courses in this topic: 
Intro to Authentic Business
Mindful Time Management for Joyful Productivity

Knowing Yourself and Your Vision

This is a topic that will be taught both with specific lessons, and by weaving the concepts and principles throughout the school year.  You’ll learn about self-awareness, connecting with your unique strengths, talents, values, and vision, as well as a sense of mission or purpose. You’ll learn to become comfortable with failure, understanding how it’s one of the greatest gifts for our learning. You’ll discover how to trust yourself and others with wisdom, and find clarity and decisiveness with that trust. We’ll take a look at the rules we follow and the shadows we hide in, getting to know your inner saboteurs and learning to move beyond them. You’ll also learn the valuable concepts of self-care and a healthy work ethic. 

Structured courses in this topic: 
Developing Calm Confidence
Create Your Framework
Manifest Your Vision

Qualities of Leadership/Entrepreneurship

This is also a topic that will be woven throughout the year with lessons, exercises and practices.  You’ll learn about the importance of virtue (defined as “the middle way”) in leadership. You’ll build confidence and clarity.  Language is generative, and all that we create depends on our capacity to communicate clearly. We’ll be looking at effective communication and managing conflict and disappointment.  You’ll connect with what you care about and learn to inspire others to care. We’ll experience the power of gratitude and celebration in staying true to our path.

Structured courses in this topic: 
The Path of Mastery
Generative Communication and Holistic Leadership

Your Point of View

Your point of view is something that sets you apart from others, making your business and its offers uniquely attractive to those who resonate. You’ll learn how our point of view shows up in business branding.  You’ll also learn what is and is not needed in business branding (it might surprise you). We’ll also look at establishing your credibility, and creating effective messaging that builds trust for those who want to work with you. 

Structured courses in this topic: 
The Message Building System
Additional Courses Will Be Announced

Setting Up Headquarters

Headquarters is how we might refer to the foundation or “home” of our business. In this topic, we’ll learn what’s needed to establish a business, including the consideration of the legalities and tax requirements. You’ll create a website, and establish social media platforms and explore other platforms that support you in effectively reaching those you can serve.  You’ll also learn about building a mailing list, managing it, and staying connected with your people.  We’ll explore the concept of niching and choosing the products and/or services you want to offer to those you want to serve.  

Structured courses in this topic: 
Simple Business Logistics for Modern Entrepreneurship
Additional Courses Will Be Announced

Product Development

In this topic, we’ll explore how to develop a framework or structure, an ongoing process of improvement, that creates a journey for our customers in their interactions with us.  Within this framework, we’ll pay attention to how we diversify our sources of income.  We’ll look at how to create online courses, digital products (e-books, workbooks, etc.), and offer services.  We’ll also take a look at how to offer simple physical products like books and branded merchandise if appropriate. 

Structured courses in this topic: 
Create Authentically Appealing Offers
Creating and Marketing Online Courses/Trainings/Workshops

Authentic Marketing

Authentic marketing involves authentic connection with those you want to serve.  We teach you how to gain visibility and be consistent in your connections with your audience through content marketing.  You’ll learn how to research your target market, and how to resonate with them. With the products you develop, you’ll then work on making offers, and learn how to advertise and sell them to your customers.  

Structured courses in this topic: 
Authentic Content Writing
Facebook Marketing
Authentic Video Creation

Financial Management

We heard again and again in our market research, “No one teaches you how to manage money effectively in high school.”  This topic is all about helping you to manage your money effectively and responsibly. You’ll learn how to set up business accounts, budget your income and expenses, forecast your earnings, keep track of your accounting, and invest your resources wisely.

Structured courses in this topic: 
Key Elements of Effective Money Management
Additional Courses Will Be Announced

Staying Connected

This topic is about supporting you to stay connected with the true fans of your work.  You’ll learn about net-caring (an alternative to networking) as a way of maintaining quality connections that support your business. You’ll also learn about staying connected to your mission, vision, values and motivation.  You’ll learn to collaborate with others, generating mutually beneficial relationships that build your business. Most importantly, you’ll learn to stay connected with your authentic self, which is a skill greatly needed in a world that often tempts us to stray from who we really are.

Structured courses in this topic: 
Simple Collaboration
Authentic Client Enrollment

Putting it All Together

Having learned the ins and outs of building and running an effective business, it’s important to be sure you stay on top of what supports you to stay effective. We’ll teach you to look at what’s working and what’s not, and how to pivot as needed.  You’ll be encouraged to consider your support system and who cheers you on as you keep moving forward on your entrepreneurial journey. You’ll learn about scaling, expanding and/or adding on to your business, as well as any next steps that make sense for you to move forward.  This topic is about continuing to become masterful in and for your business. We will also celebrate your accomplishments, with SO much to celebrate!  

Structured courses in this topic: 
Nurturing Your Business for Optimal Development
Additional Courses Will Be Announced